Piano Pedagogy

The Piano Pedagogy Certificates program (PPC) is designed to help pianists and teachers develop skills in the art of teaching piano and operating a successful independent teaching studio. The PPC is dedicated to the study of teaching materials and approaches for students at both beginning and intermediate levels of piano playing for all age groups. Classes within the PPC programs will help students expand their knowledge of technique, repertoire, styles, and musicianship. The program is intended to improve the level of professionalism in the field of piano teaching and may also help students prepare for MTNA certification (NCTM).

Our graduates go on to teach diverse students in a variety of places, either in their own independent studios or in community music schools. We enthusiastically encourage community engagement necessary for building networks and establishing connections with fellow musicians and teachers.

Come and visit us at Mesa Community College School of Music to find out more about this affordable program and try out some of our classes. Classes are open to all piano teachers and pianists. No previous experience in teaching is necessary to apply for the PPC program.

Available Certificates

Degree / Certificate Type Title Courses
Certificate of Completion CCL Beginning Piano Pedagogy Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion CCL Intermediate Piano Pedagogy Course Sequence

Pedagogy Classes

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MUP140 Elementary Piano Pedagogy

Beginning students
Beginning piano repertoire and methods
Studio policy
Teaching philosophy
Piano technique
Functional skills
Special learners
Group lessons
Summer camps
Practical in-class teachign and discussion

MUP141 Intermediate Piano Pedagogy

Intermediate and transfer students
Intermediate piano repertoire
Teaching strategies for different musical styles
Piano technique
Technology in teaching
Functional skills
Lesson planning
Artistry and performance
Practical in-class teaching and discussion

MUP240 Piano Literature

Early keyboard instruments
Development of piano
Keyboard/Piano music through centuries
Composers of piano music
Most important piano works
Intermediate piano collections and pieces
Musical forms
Performance practices
Fun facts
Special projects

MUP241 Piano Artistry

The secrets of practicing
Solving rhythmic problems
Dynamic and color
Three piano pedals
Voicing and balance
Artistic freedom
Memorization techniques
Performing anxiety
Listening and critique

To enroll in any of our four pedagogy classes, a student will need a
permission number or should have completed a prerequisite class.
Please, email the instructor, Dr. Radmila Stojanovic-Kiriluk
for more information at radmila.stojanovic@mesacc.edu