Music Majors Core Classes

  • MTC 105 Music Theory I (depending on placement exam)
    *Before enrolling in your first Theory course, please take the music theory placement exam to ensure your proper placement in the MTC101 or MTC105 Theory course.
  • MTC 106 Aural Perception I (co-requisite with music theory, students taking Theory I should take AP I in the same semester)
  • MUP 131 Piano I
  • Music Performance Class (see below for choral, instrumental or music theater)
  • Private Instruction (see link to the left to register)
  • MTC180 Computer Literacy for Musicians (recommended)

Music Theatre

  • MUP 217 Music Theatre Broadway Solos
  • MUP 270AA Musical Theatre Workshop – audition required
  • MUP 273 Musical Theatre Production – audition required
  • MUP218 37407 Audition Techniques: Music Theater

Choral/Vocal Performance

  • MUP 153 Concert Choir – required for vocal/choral majors - seating auditions during first week of classes
  • MUP 182 22804 Chamber Singers (TR 1:30pm) – Audition Required
  • MUP 250AA Survey of Diction for Singers (English)


  • MUE 111 Guitar Methods
  • MUE 207 Woodwind Methods II – Double Reed
  • MUP 159 Community Orchestra
  • MUP 162 Band - required for instrumental majors
  • MUP 163 Jazz Ensemble and/or MUP183 Jazz Combo - required for jazz majors
  • MUP 185 Flute Choir
  • Other music education classes may include: MUE High Brass, Low Brass, Woodwind I, Percussion and Conducting
  • Contact for updated information