Vocal/Choral Music

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Craig Peterson, Choral Director
Department Chair
Southern & Dobson

Mark Simmons, Choral Director
Southern & Dobson

Alma V. Quiros
Administrative Secretary
Music/Performing Arts Center

Southern & Dobson

Building: MU 43
P: 480-461-7575

The vocal/choral music program at MCC is designed to meet the needs of both majors and non-majors alike. Students interested in being a music major should contact the Music Department before registering for classes due to the core requirements for majors and the rotation of required classes.

Several choral ensembles are available at both campuses and offer a variety of music literature. Students who are vocal/choral majors are required to participate in a performance group each semester as part of the core requirements.

Visit the Arts at MCC website to see all current productions.

Performing Arts Center
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Voice Classes are offered for interested students who want to learn to sing or improve their skills in a group setting. Private lessons are available for majors and are arranged through the Music Office 480-461-7575

Auditions for scholarships and entrance into the program are held each semester.

Dr. Craig Peterson - Director of Choral Activities

  • Ensembles
    • Canto Vivo Chorale - Mo 7:10 - 9:50pm
    • Sonoran Desert Chorale - Th 7:10 - 9:50pm
  • Choral Studies
    • Choral Conducting I and II
    • Choral Pedagogy
    • Computer Literacy for Musicians

Dr. Mark Simmons - Choral Director

  • Ensembles
    • Concert Choir - TuWeTh 12:00 - 1:15pm
    • Jazz Vocal Ensemble - TuTh 1:30 - 2:45pm

Class Voice/Voice Instructors

  • Lies'l Hill
  • Tracy Peterson
  • Jeffrey Stevens
  • Thomas Strawser
  • Allyson Van Patten
  • Leia Wasbotten