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Danene Richardson
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Alma V. Quiros
Administrative Secretary
Music/Performing Arts Center

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Music Theory is a four semester sequence of classes covering the significant musical styles from 1450 to the present day.

*Before enrolling in your first Theory course, please take the music theory placement exam to ensure your proper placement in the MTC101 or MTC105 Theory course. Please follow the Music Theory Placement Exam.pdf instructions.

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Music Theory Majors

Like all music majors, Theory and Composition Majors core program is determined by the instrument you choose as your specialty. ALL Music Majors must show advanced, recital level proficiency on an instrument or voice.

In your third year of study, your program will include more specialized courses. Before transferring to a four-year institution to complete a Bachelors degree, Theory/Comp Majors should concentrate on becoming extremely proficient in all of the basic Theory/Aural Perception courses - levels 1-4.