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Music Education

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The Music Education program at MCC is designed for the student seeking a four-year degree in music education at the primary and secondary levels.


Our program provides you with musical skills covering a variety of topics, including theory, performance, composition, conducting, methods, and history.

You’ll complete four semesters of theory and aural perception, piano and private instruction, large ensemble performances, and the general studies you need for transferring.

Upon completion, you’ll have the option to transfer to the state universities or the on-campus partnership with Ottawa University for your four-year degree.

Become a Student - Steps to Enroll

Looking to Take Classes with MCC Then Transfer? We have four year degree partnership programs!

Students wishing to major in Music Education MUST consult with a Music Department advisor at MCC prior to enrolling in classes. It is also imperative that you visit with an advisor from the select colleges below to validate transfer information.

Ottawa University:

Music Education

Four Year Degree paths include K-12 Certification for Teaching Instrumental and Vocal Music.

Other Schools:

Music Education | Jazz Performance | Music Therapy | Performance

Available Certificates

Degree / Certificate Title Courses
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Beginning Piano Pedagogy Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Intermediate Piano Pedagogy Course Sequence
Bachelor of Music (MCC and Ottawa University) with K-12 Teacher Certification

Before signing up for classes, you’ll want to meet with an academic advisor. Together, you’ll lay out an academic plan that suits you best. This step is essential to your academic success.

Advising for the Music Education program is available through the Music department. They will help you determine the exact courses you need to get the education you’re looking for.