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Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: MU 43
P: 480-461-7575

Red Mountain Campus

Building: RDM-S, 275
P: 480-654-7222


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 9 am – 5 pm
Fri: 8 am – 5 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 9 am – 6 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

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Name Title Contact
Gregory James Amerind Adjunct Faculty
Charles R. Anderson Music Theatre
John G. Aranda Accompanist
Shelley Atchison Staff
Jenica J. Ballard Accompanist
Tristen K Bara Staff
Henri A. Benard Adjunct Faculty
Glenn Bennett Residential Faculty - Music


Kolby K Bergquist Adjunct Faculty
Bryce D. Bickham Adjunct Faculty
Marisa Brady Music Theatre
Paul W. Brewer Residential Faculty - Music


Jason Brown Accompanist
Robert Edward Carrillo Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Erika Caswell Music Theatre
Aleks Christensen Music Theatre
Danielle M. Cooke Accompanist
Ashton Corey Music Theatre
Mary Cox Music Theatre
Jennifer K. Crandall Accompanist
Therese K. Cudmore Accompanist
Gail Lynette Culberson-Novak Accompanist
Adjunct Faculty
Daniel W. Davis Adjunct Faculty
Jayson Owen Davis Accompanist
Michael DiBarry Accompanist
Jessica Dodge-Overstreet Residential Faculty - Music
Benny Eling Dominguez Accompanist
Daniel R. Doyle Adjunct Faculty
Alexander T Duke Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Nikolaus A. Flickinger Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Lauren B Fox Accompanist
James Clifford Gaspar Staff
Kathleen Marie Gerrich Accompanist
Scott F. Hanson Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Mary Cameron Watson Harrah Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Ramsey Sulim Higgins Adjunct Faculty
Lies'l Theresia Hill Adjunct Faculty
Joshua Lester Hillman Accompanist
Mike Christopher Hissong Adjunct Faculty
Maci C Hosler Music Theatre
Caleb Coy Huffman Staff
Taylor Michelle Hull Music Theatre
Robert Hunter, D.M.A. Residential Faculty - Music


480-787-0777 (mobile)

Zane Anthony Ioli Staff
Darl A. Jones Music Theatre
Michael N. King Adjunct Faculty
Kyle Larsen Staff
Sean Edward Lucius Accompanist
Samuel Lupe Accompanist
Joshua D. Lutton Music Theatre
William A Manners Music Theatre
Nicholas Manson Adjunct Faculty
Ron H. Marschall Residential Faculty - Music Studio Recording


Shane A. Matsumoto Adjunct Faculty
Jeff H. McKeehan Staff
Dolores Eloisa Mendoza Music Theatre
Kristina M Misch Staff
Nathan R. Mitchell Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Taylor Bennett Morris Music Theatre
Brian J. Murphy Adjunct Faculty
Vanja Nikolovski Adjunct Faculty
Andy O'Brien Instructor - Applied Music Instruction


Saul Ortega Staff
Adjunct Faculty
Peter A. Pancrazi Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Alexandra Perdue Residential Faculty - Program Director, Music Business


Craig Peterson, D.M.A.
Residential Faculty - Dept. Chair, Choral Music


Tracy L. Peterson Adjunct Faculty
Mary J. Petrich Accompanist
Dan Scott Puccio Accompanist
Adjunct Faculty
Jeff Quamo, D.M.A. Instructor - Clarinet & Chamber Music Ensembles

585-749-8583 (mobile)

Alma Quiros Administrative Specialist Sr


Christopher K. Reidy Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Danene Richardson Residential Faculty - Music


Douglas C. Robinson Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Joshua E. Rozenboom Adjunct Faculty


Demitri E. Sahnas Faculty - OYO
Melody Joy Sandoval General FWS
Melanie Ilene Sanguinetti Instructor - Applied Music Instruction


Sergio Armando Santa Cruz Staff
Craig Stuart Schumacher Adjunct Faculty


Andy Seagle Residential Faculty - Music Studio Recording


John B. Shaffer Adjunct Faculty
Hayden Shaner Accompanist
Darin W. Shryock Residential Faculty - Music
Program Director:
Mark Simmons Residential Faculty - Choral
Blake E. Smith Adjunct Faculty
Chrystal R. Smothers Accompanist
Jennifer Hyunyoung Son Accompanist
Cory A. Spotts Adjunct Faculty
Christina J. Steffen Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Jeffrey S. Stevens Instructor - Applied Music Instruction


Radmila Stojanovic Faculty - OYO
Thomas W. Strawser Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Ashley Strawser Adjunct Faculty
Melody D Stuart Music Theatre
William H. Symington Music Theatre
Kevin J. Tangney Adjunct Faculty
Ray L Thiry Accompanist
Taryn K. Tidwell Music Theatre
Daniel J. Torres Accompanist
Lauraine Mary Trygg Music Theatre
Allyson S. Van Patten Instructor - Applied Music Instruction
Erzsi Rhiannon Vincent Music Theatre
Leia E. Wasbotten Faculty - OYO
Sam Joseph Williams Staff
Jason Rudolph Yee Accompanist
Michael Zimmerlich Adjunct Faculty
Jesse Isaiah Zimmerman Adjunct Faculty