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Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: HW 8
P: 480-461-7551
F: 480-461-7471


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Thu: 8 am – 5 pm
Fri: 8 am – 4 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7 am – 6 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

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Name Title Contact
Mckayla Karen Adams Staff
Liza Allen Adjunct Faculty
Georgianna Lola Anderson Adjunct Faculty
Lucas William Bancroft Staff
Annabella Malia Bara Staff
Shafer Baysinger Staff
Glenn Bennett Residential Faculty - Music


Julie A. Burcar Adjunct Faculty
Samantha Lee Calvin, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty - Health Sciences

320-894-9029 (mobile)

Anthony Cirelli Athletic Head Coach
Adjunct Faculty
Michael Joseph Cook Adjunct Faculty
Marsha K. Davis Adjunct Faculty


Todd Owen Davis Adjunct Faculty


Angelica DeLashmette Adjunct Faculty
Sandra DeNeui Adjunct Faculty


Michelle Mary Denton Adjunct Faculty
Chestiny P Fair Adjunct Faculty
Jennifer R. Fay Full Time Faculty - Exercise Science
Program Director:
Office of Dean Math-Science-PE


Gregory L Frappier Staff
Julie M. Freeman Administrative Specialist Sr


480-461-7471 (fax)

Yotuel Garcia Staff
Andrew Nicholas Gongora Staff
Suzanne Gonzales-Webb Adjunct Faculty


Donald R. Goodman Adjunct Faculty
Greg W. Guthrie Adjunct Faculty
Lori Hamilton, Ed.D. Full Time Faculty - Nutrition
Program Director:


Kimberly L. Heintzman Adjunct Faculty
Deborah Hendricks Adjunct Faculty - Exercise Science

480-461-7551 (alternate)

Gail Herndon Wellness Fitness Technician


Laura Hogan-Kobar Adjunct Faculty - Exercise Science


Haily Marie Hopper Staff
Susan Jarvie Adjunct Faculty - Yoga Teacher


Travis Kaney Adjunct Faculty
Adam William Karaffa Staff
Diana L. Kinsfather Adjunct Faculty
Dominique Kent Kishimoto Staff
Daniel V. Labadie Adjunct Faculty
Kelley K. Lafer Wellness Fitness Supervisor
Adjunct Faculty
Lisa R. Madril Staff
Luis Magana Adjunct Faculty
Sara Jean Malan McDonald Adjunct Faculty
Fine and Performing Arts
Sharon McLaughlin Full Time Faculty - Health and Wellness


Jeffrey Messer, Ph.D. Full Time Faculty - Exercise Physiology


480-461-7551 (alternate)

Samantha Jean Moore Adjunct Dance Faculty
Adjunct Faculty - Exercise Science
Frank Bernardo Navarro Staff
Megan Nevarez Administrative Support
Craig Nolan Full Time Faculty - Exercise Science


520-424-6940 (mobile)

Linda I. Nystuen Staff
Monica Page Adjunct Faculty

480-461-7551 (alternate)

Harper Piver Adjunct Faculty
Amber Jean Robins Adjunct Faculty
Linna M. Roso Staff
Angelo Jack Sapienza Adjunct Faculty
Robin L. Schamber Staff
Jennifer Seigle Residential Faculty - Dance
Andrew Steele Instructional Services Coordinator
Adjunct Faculty
Fine and Performing Arts
Terryn D Stephens Staff
Michelle Stewart Adjunct Faculty
Cultural Science


Anthoney A. Stock Adjunct Faculty
Kelly Twitchell Adjunct Faculty


Mariyana H. Vasileva Adjunct Faculty
Garrett Jason Weems Adjunct Faculty
Regan B. Wright Adjunct Faculty
Maureen Zimmerman, Ed.D. Residential Faculty - Food, Nutrition & Dietetics


480-461-7328 (alternate)