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First Year Experience Course

As a new to Maricopa student, you will be taking the one of the first year experience courses. So, what is the FYE course and how do you know which one to take?

So, which course is right for you? Look at the questions below and determine your best fit!

FYE 101

FYE101 is a 1-credit course designed to help students learn how to succeed at your Maricopa Community College. You will explore your field of interest, confirm your program or degree pathway, understand the financial considerations for your career, and meet with your advising team.

Are you a student who:

  • is returning to college and needs to focus on completing a degree or transferring to a 4-year university?
  • is transferring from another college but new to Maricopa?
  • is confident in your chosen program of study and would like to take a deeper dive into your respective field of interest?
  • recently completed high school or another early college program and feels on track for your next steps in Maricopa?
  • is paying out of pocket and needs to consider every option?

If the majority of the above apply to you, then FYE 101 is right for you!

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FYE 103

FYE103 is a 3-credit course that is similar to FYE101, but it also helps students determine what program is best for them, provides strategies for school/life balance, assists in preparing students for work in a diverse world, and provides opportunities for students to build connections.

Are you a student who:

  • is new to college and unsure/anxious around college expectations and available resources?
  • is undecided on your major or field of interest and needs some help researching and considering the best options for you and your future?
  • is concerned about taking math, English or other pre-requisite courses that align with your major and need to have additional information on how to be successful throughout the first year?
  • has been out of school/college for more than 3 years and/or is concerned about your ability to manage work, school, family, and life?
  • needs to meet full-time enrollment requirements for financial aid or scholarships and is concerned about taking more than 4 classes?
  • would benefit from understanding of how you prioritize your finances while a college student and after you graduate?
  • is interested in learning about resources available to support your academic pathway, like transportation, child care, housing, and/or additional financial assistance?
  • is interested in understanding your own identity better and how to appreciate differences in your peers?

If the majority of the above apply to you, then FYE 103 is right for you!

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Where can I go for further support?
What services & agencies are available to help me?
Download a list of 24 hour Help Lines here

Call us at either location:

480-461-7588 | Southern & Dobson Bldg: 37N
480-654-7210 | Red Mountain Palo Verde Bldg.

Here is brief list of things to get you started on your way to a great first year at Mesa Community College.

Academic Success & Personal Success

Come in and visit the Counseling Center for personal, academic, and career guidance.