Mesa Community College Peervention Volunteer Program is a student-driven program which provides alcohol and other drug abuse prevention information to our campus community.


Where can I go for further support?
What services & agencies are available to help me?
Download a list of 24 hour Help Lines here

Call us at either location:

480-461-7588 | Southern & Dobson Bldg: 37N
480-654-7210 | Red Mountain Palo Verde Bldg.

The Peervention Volunteers plan, implement, and host campus-wide prevention activities, speakers, and events. They are trained in substance abuse prevention issues and are nationally certified as Peer Educators through Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students (BACCHUS).

The Peervention Volunteers demonstrate a value of their own education and focus on the many positive alternatives MCC provides to our community.

If you are interested in volunteering, stop by the Counseling Department or call 480-461-7588 and make an appointment to see Dr. Adams.

Courses Offered

Mission Statement

Peervention Volunteers are a diverse group of students who educate and increase awareness of the negative consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use/abuse as well as related issues while promoting healthy life choices among students, faculty, and staff in creating a healthy campus and community environment.