ELE 100 - Guitar Build

Concepts of Electricity & Electronics — With Guitar Build

Palmerino Mazzucco

Residential Faculty - Electronics/Electromechanical
Applied Sciences and Technology

Check out the customs guitars made by our students. Yours could be here too!

What will I learn?

  • Learn about electric guitar or bass guitar building by learning basic electronics

  • Select and build your own custom electric guitar or bass to keep, every guitar is unique

  • Complete guitar build including a custom neck and body build

  • Learn how to add logos and serial numbers to your new guitar

  • Stain, swirl paint or water drop finish your guitar or bass

  • Use luthier tools to build wire and set up your custom instrument

  • Learn to intonate your guitar or bass with a nut, and bridge and neck adjustment

  • Learn how guitar/bass electronics work and solder your own electronics

  • Learn about volume and tone control circuits, capacitors, inductors, pickups, resistors

  • Learn about ohms law, series and parallel circuit, and electromagnetic induction, mutual induction and magnetism