State of the Art Training Facility

View from the engine. Alternate role players experience the scenario differently View from the battalion vehicle On scene from the command vehicle Command Van and Control Room Inside the Command Response Vehicle (CRV) The VICC Classroom provides a learning environment for oberservers, too. A demonstration by our director, Larry Thacker  Participants experience the same event differently. VICC Instructor Jeff Case Behind the scenes look at the server room. State of the art equipmentVirtual Incident Command Center. As real as fake gets.

Our 3,500-square-foot facility on the fourth floor of MCC's Downtown Center creates a simulated emergency environment. Through computer and video images emergency responders can be drilled on everything from fires, national disasters, and terrorist attacks.

We are able to create engaging, immersive simulations of all types, including natural and man-made disasters, structure fires, wild land fires, terrorist events, floods, hostage situations, railroad accidents, structural collapses, hazardous materials spills, and more.

  • State-of-the-art incident simulation technology  
  • Simulations customizable by incident and geography
  • Learn how to work with other emergency service agencies
  • Learn and improve skills for promotional exams
  • Practice incident management situations yet to be encountered in your career
  • Learn about the latest technologies in incident management and Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)
  • Practice on - and develop a contingency plan for - high-value occupancies
  • Identify challenges encountered in EOC functions
  • Develop teamwork skills

Workshops include intensive simulations requiring participants to make critical decisions in real time.