Big Box Fires, Warehouse Fires, and Other Emergencies Workshop*

Big Box Fires, Warehouse Fires, and Other Emergencies Workshop

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This 2-Day Workshop will examine the growing problem of Big Box fires, warehouse fires and other types of emergencies. The daily tasks of most fire departments involve EMS and fires in residential homes. Crews typically perform well because they have routine procedures and command presence. Large commercial structures present a new set of critical fireground factors, including complex arrangements with 50 to 100 times additional fire loads. Crews and Incident Commanders must be trained to change to a commercial mentality when approaching these incidents. These large commercial structures pose new problems to even the most experienced fire department crews.

This program will review "Mayday" operations in regards to OSHA regulations, NFPA standards, and Volume 2.

Case Studies will be presented on the five basic "Maydays:" Firefighter/crew lost or air problems, Firefighter/crew trapped, injured or unable to move, Multiple firefighters, NO communications, and Fireground.

Topics include: Big Box and Warehouse Overview, Building Construction, Fire Protection Systems, Fire Control Room Simulation, and “Mayday” Operations; including Case Studies and 7 Simulations

*The Virtual Incident Command Center reserves the right to cancel a workshop if the minimum registration of 8 students is not met. The VICC office will notify all students prior to the start of class if it is deemed necessary to cancel. In the event of a cancellation, students may transfer their paid class fee to a future class or receive a full refund.