Promotional Workshop

Promotional Workshop- Professional Development Series

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This program prepares participants for various components of a Company Officer and Battalion Chief Promotion assessment process. Using various valley fire and department promotion assessment procedures, we will duplicate the actual promotion process for each participant.

Component One: Written Test; participants will be shown how to prepare for the written test.

Component Two: Interview; participants will be interviewed before a promotion board. This interview will be recorded and replayed for each participant so they may observe their body language, appearances, interview questions, and responses.

Component Three: Tactical Exercise; participants will be presented with a tactical simulation exercise and after each simulation exercise, they will be interviewed in regards to their command presence, critical fireground factors, and incident action plan.

Each participant will receive feedback and a scored evaluation for components two and three.

This is a simulation intensive workshop and participants will be required to make critical decisions in real time.

*The Virtual Incident Command Center reserves the right to cancel a workshop if the minimum registration of 8 students is not met. The VICC office will notify all students prior to the start of class if it is deemed necessary to cancel. In the event of a cancellation, students may transfer their paid class fee to a future class or receive a full refund.