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Why do I need original receipts?

The Petty Cash Fund is subject to audit; therefore, the District Office must maintain the receipts. They are maintained in the Accounts Payable department when MCC Cashier Services submits the reconciled Petty Cash Vouchers, plus related receipts for fund replenishments and fulfillments of newly Petty Cash requests. Original receipts are required to prevent multiple submissions.

What happens if the funds are lost?

Fund safeguarding is the custodian’s/cash recipient’s responsibility and lost funds must be repaid by the custodian.

What happens if the funds are lost?

The recipient is responsible for safeguarding all the receipts until the Petty Cash is closed out with Cashier Services. If the receipts are lost, the custodian must get a duplicate copy of receipts or a letter with receipt information (amount, transaction date and business name) from the vendor/store or be repaid with personal money.

What if the vendor only provides a tape receipt?

An original receipt including the date of purchase and vendor name is needed. If the vendor name is not printed on the receipt, then on the back, write the vendor name and sign or attach the business card of the vendor.

What if the funds are obtained for a specific event and excess funds become available? Can excess funds be used to purchase other miscellaneous items not listed on the voucher?

NO. Keep in mind that all purchases must be pre-approved prior to purchase, otherwise, it could be considered an unauthorized purchase and reimbursement can be denied.

Why is Cashier Services (designated staff) always looking at my receipts?

The Cashiering staff must audit the receipts submitted to ensure adherence to MCCCD’s policies. If she/he identifies discrepancies, the custodian must resolve them before the voucher can be closed. An example of a discrepancy: Funds are obtained on 1/10/06, but some of the receipts are dated prior 1/10/06. We will not accept those receipts on that Petty Cash.

Who can pick up and return petty cash?

Only board approved employees may pick up and return petty cash.