What Is a Cohort Program?

A Cohort program is one in which the students within that program all start and finish at the same time. In other words, the students progress through the program taking the same classes as a group. The students finish the program at the same time while earning the appropriate degree and/or certificate.

The difference between a Cohort and most programs offered at MCC is at any given time a class for most programs may have students at various levels in their studies. For example, a class for a degree program could have a first year student, a student in their final semester prior to receiving a degree, and a student taking the class as a refresher course.

If your Department is working with an organization that will provide resources/education for a Cohort of students contact Student Business Services (Cashiers) for invoicing and/or payment questions. Discussion regarding this important piece is vital to the success of the Cohort.