Obtain an Event Cash Box

Request a Cash Box

Southern & Dobson

Rebecca Ryan
P: 480-461-7458

Jane Situ
P: 480-461-7405

Valerie Stingley
P: 480-461-7108

Red Mountain

Gerri Silva
P: 480-654-7755

Cashier Services has cash boxes available for use in college-sponsored functions only. In order to reserve a cash box, please send your request to the following Cashier Services staff:

In the body of your email, please include the following information:

  • Requester name and phone number
  • Department/Event
  • Total amount requested
  • Exact denominations of coins or bills required
  • Is a cash box needed
  • Are tickets needed
  • Date and time required

DEADLINE: The deadline for reserving a cash box is 24 hours prior to the date for which it is required. All cash boxes must be picked up by 5 p.m.

Once you have finished with the cash box, the start up money must be returned to Cashier Services as soon as possible after your event ends. Do not keep cash and cash boxes in your office.

Please have your cash box balanced/reconciled and your department/club account ready prior to making your deposit at the Faculty/Staff window.

Cash boxes will not be turned over to anyone other than board approved employees with proper ID.