Faculty Profiles

Students may connect 1:1 with faculty to conduct research as a special projects course. Usually, this is an opportunty for students to contribute to research that the faculty is already working on. Sometimes, students present new ideas and partner with faculty to conduct original research.

Research Internships

Special Projects research courses may qualify as an internship experience. Contact MCC Career Services to learn more.

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PAID Internships at MCC MCC's HSI-STEM grant offers paid research internships to grant-eligible students. Interested? Student Interest Form

If you have already identified a faculty member you're interested in working with, you can use the contacts tool on the MCC website to look them up. It's always important to do a little research on a faculty member before you meet with them for the first time so can ask them some informed questions about their work.


If you're looking for a college faculty doing research that you're interested in, use the profiles below to learn about faculty interests and projects. Use the Find MCC Faculty or Staff Members search tool to contact any of the faculty researchers listed below.


Explore Faculty Researchers by Discipline

Bruce Peterson
Cultural Science
Kirk Costion
Life Science
Andy Baldwin
Francesca De Martini
Sean Whitcomb
Dennis Wilson
Mathematics & Computer Science
Madeleine Chowdhury
Kate Rozsa
David Schultz
Radmila Stojanovic
Physical Science
Asmita Kane
Timothy Minger
John Zikopoulos