Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is it?

  • Neurological dysfunction in information processing

  • Difference in cognition or thinking

  • Difficulties understanding the world

  • Difficulties interacting with others

  • Normal intellectual functioning

  • Inability to turn thoughts into written work (processing not fine motor)

  • Helplessness in reading/interpreting nonverbal behaviors

  • Inability to maintain attention to more than one thing: listening and taking notes

  • Use of language as a monologue, not social interaction

What does it look like?

  • Difficulty initiating and sustaining individual and group discussions

  • Poor quality eye contact

  • Problems understanding personal space

  • Restricted interests that may be unusual and rigid

  • Unusual speech intonation, volume, rhythm and/or rate

  • Literal understanding of language

  • Redundant and repetitive writing style

  • Difficulties accepting another's point of view

  • Trouble seeing the big picture

  • Poor organizational and time management skills

Academic Tips