Academic Department Assigned Liaisons

DRS Assigned Liaisons

Administration of Justice Department – Jerod Edwards

Applied Sciences and Technology Department – Gabe Ginsberg

Art Department – Andrew Gaitan

Business & Information Systems Department – Mora Shahan

Communication, Theatre & Film Arts Department – Andrew Gaitan

Cultural Science Department – Tammy Murray

Education Studies Department – Jerod Edwards

English Department – Mora Shahan

Exercise Science Department – Lisa Hitzler

Fire Science/EMT Department – downtown – Jerod Edwards

Life Science Department – Holly Jones

Mathematics & Computer Science Department – Ken Spector

Music Department – Andrew Gaitan

Nursing Department – Lisa Hitzler

Philosophy & Religious Studies Department – Bev Maxton

Physical Science Department – Holly Jones

Psychological Science Department – Tammy Murray

Reading Department – Mora Shahan

Social Science Department – Tammy Murray

World Languages Department – Lisa Hitzler

Library – Bev Maxton

Academic Skill Center, The Writing Center, Learning Enhancement Center-Holly Jones