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Dr. Brian Dille

Social Science Department
P: 480-461-7065
Office: SC 14 - Room: 74

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While political science as we know it has only been around for 100 years or so, politics is as old as civilization. From Plato to William the Conqueror to President Trump, politics continues to play a critical role in the shaping of our government, our laws, and our society.

As a student in the Political Science program at MCC you will study topics such as: the history of political thought; justice and morality in individuals, society, and government; political and governmental processes; the American political system; legal and constitutional issues; proposals for improving governmental structure and policy; how political behaviors compare in different countries, regions, or time periods; international relations; and practical political problem solving.

Political science majors often apply their skills to government agencies and programs writing policy, planning, or running for elected office. In the private sector, “poly sci” majors often work in law firms, political campaigns, and volunteer organizations where strong analytical, verbal, and writing skills are in high demand.

What can you do with a Political Science degree?