Social Science Scholarships

Social Science Department Scholarship

A $400 scholarship and a $150 runner up scholarship.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, October 16, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

Application requirements are:

  • Student must be a current MCC student enrolled in at least 6 credit hours.
  • Student completed at least 12 credit hours at MCC.
  • Student has a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA for classes taken at MCC..
  • Student has completed or be in the process of completing at least one Economics, History, or Political Science course at MCC.

This scholarship is administered by the Social Science Department.

The John Ohl Memorial Scholarship

A $1000 memorial scholarship coming soon!

Please Note: Student's Spring 2021 enrollment is at least 6 credit hours AND must submit the application by the deadline (TBD). For questions or concerns, contact Courtney Smith at 480-461-7241.

John Ohl Memorial Scholarship - Coming Soon!

The Ohl family administers this scholarship.

Applicant requirements are:

  • Student’s current enrollment is at least 6 credit hours
  • Student’s GPA is 3.0 or above
  • Student has completed, or is in the process of completing, at least one History class at MCC
  • Student has completed at least 12 credit hours at MCC
  • Applicant is pursuing an MCC degree
  • Completed application deadline (TBD).

John Kennedy Ohl

For over 30 years, Dr. John Kennedy Ohl was a mainstay of the MCC History department. All who knew him respected his expansive knowledge and academic excellence. His prodigious work ethic enabled him to author countless articles, essays, book reviews, and three historical biographies. John prized academic excellence and modeled it in his classroom. He received the Faculty Excellence Award in 2004, in recognition of his professional and teaching accomplishments.

John OhlJohn Ohl Dr. Ohl’s Academic Degrees:
Bachelor of Science in Education from Slippery Rock State College
Magistri Artium from Duquesne University
Master of Science of Library Science
Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati