Digital Teaching Tools

This page comprises a list of digital teaching tools that can be used to enrich your curriculum. Feel free to use whatever you like. Some links will take you to specific internet locations while others will result in file downloads.

  • Symptom Media Disorders Videos: Well-organized Video archive contains short video clips of disorders identified in the DSM-5-TR. Videos comprise actors emulating different characteristics of different mental disorders, in simulated psychological interviews. Many other videos for: ICD 10, assessment training, Erikson's psychosocial stages, Kohlberg's moral development stages, coping and defense mechanisms. Also, case-study and simulation activities, as well as accredited continuing-education courses. The Psychological Science Department has a license for full use of the resources at the Symptom Media website.
    • LINK:
    • USERNAME & PASSWORD: Faculty and students have full access to the Symptom Media site, through our username and password (case sensitive). USERNAME: MesaCCPsych. PASSWORD: MesaCCPsych807.
  • Class Point/Grade Tracker: App that allows instructors and students to view course performance from a number of different vantage points, using multiple, visual dashboards requiring a minimum amount of data entry. This App was designed to empower students and increase academic self-efficacy across all classes. Requires Microsoft Excel. All MCC students have free access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes Excel.
  • Stable Diffusion AI Image Creator: Stable diffusion allows users to enter words that artificial intelligence (AI) then uses to create custom, copyright-free (given obvious constraints related to corporate brands, products, etc.) images. Not only can users generate images, but they can also designate that images be created in a particular artistic style (e.g., "in the style of Don Bluth"). Give it a try!
  • Creating QR Code Tutorial: QR Codes are a quick and easy way to share links to webpages, documents, and surveys. Below, you will find a link to a tutorial for creating QR codes at and