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MCC has its own honors psychology society, that of Psi Beta.  Psi Beta's mission is to encourage, impassion, and note students' passion for psychology and scholar skills.

The society is made up of several chapters located at over 100 accredited two-year colleges. Students can become members by joining chapters at their colleges. These chapters’ functions and activities are operated by the Psi Beta student members and faculty sponsors. All activities and memberships are recorded by the National Office, and the National Council guides the affairs of the organization and determines its policy.

Psi Beta is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS), and is the first two-year society to become a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.

The MCC Psi Beta Chapter is very active, having over 350 members since its inception in 1989, and has received numerous awards!  Meetings are held every Wednesday at 12:00 PM during the academic year at MCC at Southern and Dobson in Room BP 8 and at the Red Mountain campus in Room V125. 

Evening Lectures

Our Fall 2015 Line-Up!

Evening Lecture Poster Fall 2015Fall 2015 Poster Listing Evening Lectures Psi Beta sponsors the Evening Lecture Series in Psychology. These evening lectures occur three times each semester and cover the full spectrum of topics in psychology. Guest lecturers with varying areas of expertise are invited on to the MCC campus to deliver these lectures. Past guest lecturers have included the distinguished, former President of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo. Ask your instructor about upcoming lectures. 

Featured Evening Lecture

Psychological Forensics (Tim Franklin, MA)

Links To Recent Evening Lectures

Unlocking Creativity Through Hypnosis (Amy Rosner, Ph.D.)
Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace (Diana Elarde, MA)
Brain Training (Cecelia Ticktin, NASM-CPT)
Designed for You: Making Stuff Work Better With Ergonomics  (Peter Crane, Ph.D.)
Psychology's 10 Biggest Mysteries (Bob Johnson, Ph.D.)
Forensic Psychology (Tim Franklin, MA)
The Body Speaks It’s Mind: Body Centered Approaches to Effective Therapy (Carol Briskin, R.P.E.)