Evening Lecture Series

Featured Evening Lecture (more videos linked below)

Childhood Cancer and How if Affects Kids and Their Families (Bob Wallace and David Steumpfle of Southwest Kids Cancer Foundation)

About the Series

These evening lectures occur three times each semester and cover the full spectrum of topics in psychology. Guest lecturers with varying areas of expertise are invited on to the MCC campus to deliver these lectures. Past guest lecturers have included the distinguished, former President of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Phillip Zimbardo.

Ask your instructor about upcoming lectures. Here is what we are planning for this semester:

 Fall 2022 Schedule of Evening Lecture Series

Fall 2022 Evening Lecture in Psychology (Spotlight on Mental Health Issues Series) Dates:

September 1st, 2022 - "Dementia and What's Happening in the Brain" by Elaine Poker-Yount

October 6th, 2022 - Postpartum Mental Health Issues by Michelle Lacy

November 30th, 2022 - Sustance Abuse by Dr. Janet Neisewander

Location: Performing Arts Center at Mesa Community College

Time: 7PM-9PM

FREE - Open to the Public

Links To Recent Evening Lectures

Fall 2021
Surviving In The Cracks: Moderate Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms (Ron Kingsley, Ph.D.)

Fall 2019
The Sport Psychologist: Helping Athletes (or anyone) Perform at Their Peak (Ben Nelson, M.A.)
Social Contagion, Mass Hysteria and Moral Panic (Carolyn St. Peter, Ph.D.)
Chronic Pain In A Chronic Illness: A Pediatric Oncology Case (Arie Zakaryan, Ph.D.)

Spring 2019
Biological Bases For Criminal Behavior (Andrea Murphy, M.Ed.)

Fall 2018
Psychology: The Constant Driver in the Workplace (Shanel Carter, M.B.A.)
Assessing Terrorist Threats in A Multicultural World (Tim Franklin, Psy.D.)
How Culture Drives Behavior (Christine Ahles, M.A.)

Fall 2017
Consumers Beware: The Psychology Behind Statistics (Jennifer Moore, M.S.)
Harness Your Brain Power: Learn How to Learn (Liz Baroi, Ph.D.)

Spring 2017
Why Some Relationships Succeed While Others Fail (Carl Sheperis, Ph.D.)
Dementia & Alzheimer's Disease: What Should I Know? (Maribeth Gallagher, D.N.P.)

Fall 2016
Putting Psychology To Work For You (Deborah Licht, Ph.D., Misty Hull, M.A.)
Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management and Problem Solving (Wynn Call, Ph.D.)
Mass Media and The National Political Discourse (Tony Bryson, Ph.D.)

Past Semesters
How to Raise A Responsible Child (Larry Waldman, Ph.D.)
Unlocking Creativity Through Hypnosis (Amy Rosner, Ph.D.)
Emotional Intelligence in The Workplace (Diana Elarde, M.A.)
Brain Training (Cecelia Ticktin, NASM-CPT)
Designed for You: Making Stuff Work Better With Ergonomics (Peter Crane, Ph.D.)
Psychology's 10 Biggest Mysteries (Bob Johnson, Ph.D.)
Forensic Psychology (Tim Franklin, M.A.)
The Body Speaks It’s Mind: Body Centered Approaches to Effective Therapy (Carol Briskin, R.P.E.)