Students hiking into the Grand canyon

Who are we? What can we offer you? We Get Out!

Geology is one of several disciplines in the Physical Science department here at Mesa Community College.

Every semester, we serve hundreds of students, the vast majority being non-science majors who enroll to satisfy their science lecture-lab requirement, as life-long learners, etc.

We offer a range of different introductory-level courses (100- and 200-level), and four lecture-lab combinations (GLG101IN Physical Geology, GLG102IN Historical Geology, GLG105 Planetary Geology, and 110IN Geological Disasters). Our labs reflect our philosophy that instruction should be interactive, dynamic, and fun. None of these classes have prerequisites. Class sizes are generally small ( >24 students).

Our convenient schedule of classes is important for our many students who also work full-time during the semester. We offer many sections of GLG 101IN (lecture & lab). All MCC Geology courses are also offered online.

Field-based courses complement our program, and include field trips to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Carlsbad Caverns, etc.

Our Geology Club is an active student organization that supports outreach activities and conducts field trips. Our Geology Outreach program continues to be at the forefront of MCC's efforts to expand science awareness to K-6 students.

Our full-time and part-time faculty members are enthusiastic and employ a range of classroom methods and technologies to deliver top-notch instruction. So come take a class with us. We love to teach!