Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Keith Crudup

With an M.A. in Religious Studies and a Ph.D. in history, I bring a long-term perspective to my classes. That said, I do love ritual: I make my coffee and tea the same every day, I eat the same snacks every day, and I get to school at the same time every day (6:30 a.m.)

Professor Tom Shoemaker

I have been here at MCC longer than the Diamondbacks have been in Arizona. Over that much time, I set out to teach Religious Studies as a way to teach something even deeper: engagement with all those who see and experience the world differently from us, knowing that in that open, safe, and respectful relationship, we all become something bigger than we were before.

You can see the kinds of things I teach at my MCC website.

Dr. Elizabeth Ursic

I not only teach Religious Studies, but also Women's Studies, Humanities and even Business -- what a combo! In between all that, I also wrote a book, Women, Ritual, Power: Placing Female Imagery of God in Christian Worship published by SUNY Press in 2014. I also love to hike, play piano and cello, and compose. I'm also a board member of the Arizona Interfaith Movement (click on this link and you will see me in the photo, third from the left at the top).