What we do (and don't)

Some people worry we attack religion. Some people worry that we push it. Everybody, relax.

Religious Studies is NOT the same as religious education. In religious education, a religion is trying to deepen your connection to that tradition. In Religious Studies, we aren't focused on your faith or the truth or not-truth of any religion's beliefs. We are trying to step back, to see all religious traditions for what they are trying to say and be, and to allow all of them to be part of a broader human conversation. We do not secretly hope for any conversions -- into or out of any religious tradition. In fact, our Philosophy and Religious Studies department has adopted an official statement about this:

Our Official Statement

The Philosophy & Religious Studies department at MCC offers courses in religious studies, as distinguished from religious education. Whereas religious education seeks to strengthen a person in his/her particular tradition, Religious Studies seeks a perspective from outside all traditions in pursuit of an understanding of the historical, cultural, political, and economic dimensions of various traditions. While the beliefs of religions are taught in our classes, our instructors do not evaluate the truth claims of these traditions, nor do we privilege or denigrate any particular religion.

(And here is a secret: Religious Studies faculty across the country are Catholics and Jews and Mormons and Muslims and Atheists and more. We don't see a problem with that.)