Facebook and Twitter

We're all over this social media thing.

Facebook : MCC Religious Studies. This one offers religion news from web sources across the spectrum, tidbits and notes that are central to the religions of our world, including birthdays and history's events; and of course, news and announcements of things in our campus community that connect to religious studies. Go to: facebook.com/mcc.rel.studies

Twitter : @RELatMCC . This one is all about today. Well, today's gone by. We'll keep you up to date on birthdays so you can celebrate with the likes of John Harvey Kellogg (who invented Corn Flakes in order to cool off the desires of young lads) and Hong Xiuquan (he was Jesus' little brother, at least he said he was); and holy days (every day is a party somewhere); and commemorations of every sort. We'll throw in a few odd ideas that we can all think about -- and look smart while we do it.