What we offer

Everything here appears on the schedule at least once a year.

World Religions (REL 100)

This is offered in in the Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. It's our "gateway class" -- an introduction to six World Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), with a lot of focus on their interactions. It is your chance to hear "the other guys", fairly and without the pressures.

Religion in the Hispanic World (REL 151)

This was created for the Study Abroad program in southern Spain several years ago, and then we brought it back to the Americas. It follows religious development from pre-Roman "Spain" through the arrival and blendings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, then on to the "New World". We back up a bit to ancient Mesoamerica, then follow the engagement of the "Old" and "New", down to our modern moment. (online only)

American Indian Religions (REL 203)

There are hundreds of indigenous tribes in the U.S. (more than 20 of those call Arizona home). You can anticipate a wide variety of religious practices, myth, and beliefs, and walk away with a much richer and nuanced view of our country's first peoples. (online only)

Religion and the Modern World (REL 205)

This is an introduction to the nature and role of religious beliefs and practices in shaping the lives of individuals and societies, with particular attention to the modern world.

Introduction to Christianity (REL 270)

Take a look at the world's largest religious tradition (with its many hundreds of forms) through the people who have lived it. We explore more than 150 people, thinkers, activists, Grand Inquisitors, martyrs, and artists.

Women and World Religions (REL 290)

Until recently, classes presented religion as something of a man's world. From its very beginnings, however, religion has been celebrated by, influenced and shaped by, and handed on by women. This course is an exploration of the once overlooked. It focuses on the role of women in several organized religions and/or religious sects, and it explores myth and symbols as they have been and are used to establish, maintain, and enforce sex roles (both male and female) within specific cultural contexts around the world. (online only)

Religion and Sexuality (REL 291)

This was created with this in mind: Religion is a three-legged school. All religions are about 1) your money, 2) your sexuality, and 3) the power to enforce those first two. We explore what that means for the major religious traditions, with conversations about gender, consent, marriage, "good sex" and "bad sex", orientations, and more. (online only)