Dr. Erinanne Saffell

Arizona State Climatologist
Office: SC 14 - Room: 61
Phone: 480-461-7035

What is Meteorology? Meteorology is the study of the earth's atmosphere, so weather is just the current status of the atmosphere.

What do Meteorologists do? The opportunities for meteorologists are amazing.

Meteorologists are weather forecasters, researchers, broadcasters, educators, stormchasers, and more. Just about every industry is affected by weather, and sectors like energy, agriculture, transportation, and even entertainment employ meteorologists to help them understand impacts from the weather.

Introduction to Meteorology (GPH 212) is where you learn the processes that control weather. Taken with the lab GPH 214, the course transfers in the AZ system as a General Education (SQ) lab class. MCC offers GPH 212 and GPH 214 every spring.

Extreme Weather and Climate (GPH 267) dives into details about extreme weather events, like derechos, nor'easters, tornado outbreaks, and bomb cyclones. This course transfers in the AZ system as a General Education Literacy class (L). MCC offers GPH 267 every spring.