Global Citizenship

The certificate in Global Citizenship is an interdisciplinary program intended to assist students in understanding the interconnectedness of peoples and societies, developing a general knowledge of history and world events, accept the existence of different cultural values and attitudes, and celebrate the richness of human diversity. It enhances student's understanding of the world around them and current social issues such as economic and social justice, human and civil rights, world and regional conflicts, environmental degradation, cultural diversity, and political change.

What are the benefits?

This certificate will increase students' visibility for: scholarships, transferring to another institution, admissions to graduate school, and improve their marketability to future employers. Through a combination of coursework and experiential learning, students will develop skills in critical thinking, inquiry, and discourse while becoming more informed, socially responsible, and engaged citizens in their communities, country, and world.

How will this affect my ability to graduate?

The certificate is designed to be incorporated into an associate degree program and works well in combination with several majors including anthropology, geography, education, sociology, social work, history, international business, political science, religious studies, environmental studies, economics, and women's studies. All courses included as part of the certificate meet general studies requirements.