Let us talk you into it

You ever hear the one about majoring in Religious Studies?

Maybe. People do, you know. But for the other 99.9% of the people who take our classes, there are plenty of other good reasons.

One. Because no Physics class, no Algebra class, no Engineering class will ever make your friendships and close relationships better. Religious Studies does that. You learn about people, and people appreciate it when we learn about them.

Two. Because Religious Studies is more than names and dates, it's a way of thinking. We're always trying to see things through another person's eyes, and that's a skill that makes for a much better doctor or lawyer or restaurant manager.

Three. Because listening -- fighting back our urge to step in and dominate the conversation -- is the most important part of Religious Studies, and when we listen, we become deep, interesting human beings. You want to be interesting, right?

Four. That brings us to parties. Ever feel awkward, trying to figure out how to get a conversation going? Answer: Religion. Better, a question about religion. People will go home thinking you're sooo cool, just because you asked them questions. That's what we do in Religious Studies.

Five. There is one discipline, exactly ONE that pulls together every single other discipline: archaeology, biology, genetics, music, history, mathematics, astronomy, literature, linguistics -- everything. Religious Studies is the hub that holds all the spokes together.

So, look over the schedule, and fit us in. Religious Studies makes everything better.