Open Entry

What Is Open Entry?

Open Entry Benefits

  • On-going registration through the available start dates in the semester
  • No face to face classes to attend
  • No lectures to attend
  • Complete assignments at your own pace
  • No due dates—just the assigned end date
  • Completely online

Open-Entry classes provide students with a convenient and flexible way to take college credits without traditional classroom instruction.

Students can work at their own pace on business or personal computer applications online, at home or in an open computer lab environment.

There are no regularly scheduled classes or lectures.

Open Entry classes differ from the traditional "in classroom" classes in that they are flexible start within the semester boundaries.

You will be assigned a specific start and end date depending on when you register. You will be given a certain number of weeks to complete your assignments (8 weeks for a .5 credit class, 8 weeks for a 1 credit class, and 14 weeks for a three credit class). Please note: all classes are 8 weeks long during the summer semester

There are no due dates—just the assigned end date. Mondays are starting days for Open Entry classes. You must contact enrollment services or our CIS department below to enroll in our Open Entry classes.

Questions? Please contact the our Computer Information Systems Department at 480-461-7711 or come visit us in BA40, Office BA19.