Digital Media & Game Technology

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Burton Borlongan
Phone: 480-461-7463

Southern & Dobson

Office: BP 43A

Part movie director, part recording producer, part animator, the digital media professional is a creative and technical talent who integrates text, graphics, animation, audio, and video to produce dynamic, multi-sensory materials.

Nearly every business or organization that maintains a website requires a person with digital media training. The Digital Media & Game Technology program at MCC is designed to give you the skills and capabilities you need to begin a career in this exciting field.

Have you ever thought to yourself it’d be awesome to design video games for a living? Well, you can. Game technology is a discipline that includes the development and management of dynamic environments for games and related visual applications. The Digital Media & Game Technology program will prepare you for entry-level career opportunities with studios, organizations, educational institutions, advertising, and entertainment industries that require visual and interactive content.

The Digital Media & Game Technology program includes two areas of study:

  • Game Technology
  • Multimedia & Business Technology