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Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: BP 43A
P: 480-461-7729


Fall & Spring Semesters:
Mon-Fri: 8 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Sat and Sun

Summer Semester:
Mon-Thu: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm
Closed Fri, Sat and Sun

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Carie Allen, J.D.
Faculty Chair - Business
Program Director:


Office: BP 43A - Room: BP49

Stacey Argo Administrative Specialist Sr


Office: BP 43A - Room: Office area

Ida Leona Arnold-Henderson General FWS
Erika E Badoni Staff
Leslie H. Barker Adjunct Faculty
Denny D. Bates Adjunct Faculty
Sandy Becker Adjunct Faculty
John Beshk Residential Faculty - Real Estate


602-309-8888 (mobile)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP29

Alan Beveridge Faculty - OYO
Program Director:

602-740-7959 (mobile)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP6

Evonne Bowling Residential Faculty - Fashion Merchandising & Fashion Design


480-461-7729 (alternate)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP35

Kimberly L. Broxham Residential Faculty - Fashion Design Program
Program Director:


480-461-7876 (alternate)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP32

Diana Bullen Adjunct Faculty - General Business


480-461-7729 (alternate)

Dawn Bulriss Faculty - OYO


Office: BP 43A - Room: BP 54

Randy L. Bulriss Adjunct Faculty
Julie Burnett Adjunct Faculty
Gene J. Caisse Adjunct Faculty

937-367-7249 (alternate)

937-367-7249 (mobile)

Preston Cameron Residential Faculty - General Business


480-461-7729 (alternate)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP33

Matthew Chiarello, J.D. Adjunct Faculty - Law
William Collins Jr Adjunct Faculty
Jan Coolman Adjunct Faculty - Business
Nicholas W D'Ambrosio Faculty - OYO
Computer Information Systems
Juanita Elizabeth Darby Adjunct Faculty


Clarence T Engdall Adjunct Faculty
Krista Fabrick Residential Faculty - Business

714-552-7221 (mobile)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP31

JB Files Residential Faculty - Cisco CCNP Program, CCNA Security
Computer Information Systems


Office: BA 40 - Room: 20

Kathy E. Frommer Adjunct Faculty


Barb Gast, Ph.D. Adjunct Faculty - Business

602-684-6438 (mobile)

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP15

Kevin D. Gates Residential Faculty - Accounting

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP 26

Christopher J. Glover Adjunct Faculty
Andrew Hamilton Residential Faculty - Accounting / Occupational Program Director


Office: BP 43A - Room: 27

Tia Haley Hawkes Adjunct Faculty
Thomas Hellewell Adjunct Faculty
Computer Information Systems
Taylor Leeann Johnson Staff
Dhara N. Kanabar Adjunct Faculty
Steven Lee Kessler Adjunct Faculty


Lori Liang Adjunct Faculty - Fashion Design

Office: BP 43A - Room: BP36

Matthew Long-Blanchard Adjunct Faculty
Eric A. Mansfield Adjunct Faculty
Tiziana Marengo Student Services Analyst - Business Advisor
Adjunct Faculty - Counseling
Academic Advisement


Office: BP 43A - Room: 25

Melissa Ann Montoya Adjunct Faculty
Brenda Morse Faculty - OYO


Office: MCC Other

Stephen M. Mostrom Adjunct Faculty
Nori Muster Adjunct Faculty


Bill E. Nestmann Adjunct Faculty


Jesse Tyler Orraj Adjunct Faculty
Derrick Platt Adjunct Faculty
Rahim Rahaman Adjunct Faculty
Tami L. Reynolds Adjunct Faculty
Brenda Richardson Adjunct Faculty
Patricia Roberts Adjunct Faculty - CIS/BPC


Office: BP 43A

David Roberts Adjunct Faculty
Sarah A Rockey Adjunct Faculty
Shane Siebold Fiscal Supervisor
Adjunct Faculty - Business
Fiscal Services


Office: AD 42

Pamela Elaine Sullivan Adjunct Faculty
Elizabeth Ursic Residential Faculty - Religious Studies
Philosophy & Religious Studies


Office: BP 43A - Room: BP09

Cheryl Zuhn Adjunct Faculty