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Cesar Becerra
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Interim Program Director

Gingher Leyendecker, Ph.D.

Residential Faculty - Life Drawing/Art Anatomy

You’ve got an eye for color, a knack for lighting, and a ton of ideas about how to put a room together. You’ve been a natural your whole life. It’s time to turn pro.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design is an exciting, diverse, and complex profession. Interior designers team up with other design professionals to produce coordinated, harmonious interior spaces that are unified, pleasing to the eye, and appropriate to the activities to be pursued there. Interior designs are achieved with the use of color, texture, scale, proportion, lighting, furnishings, fixtures, and more.

The blend of skills ranging from technical to artistic makes this a unique and challenging profession. An interior designer must be detail-oriented, disciplined, and skilled in interpersonal communication. An understanding of sales, marketing, and business is critical to commercial success.

How Do I Become an Interior Designer?

An associate’s degree in Interior Design prepares you to work in an entry-level interior design position. Our program offers design classes in basic design, color theory and application, architectural and furniture history, drafting and computer aided design (CAD), and more.

Studio projects allow students to identify, research, solve, and present residential design problems. Our faculty bring a wide range of real-world professional experience, to the benefit of our students.