Industry Certification Boot Camps

Industry certification boot camps

The Boot Camps developed by Arizona Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AzAMI) are recognized by industry, universities and government organizations as a validation of competencies needed in the workforce.  These certification camps provide a brief review of specific industry skillsets, desirable employee skills and the opportunity to earn college credits that will lead to a certificate of completion or toward Associate in Applied Sciences degrees. Workers who already have some skills in their field will be assessed and certified as to their knowledge when they complete the boot camps, which assures employers of their qualifications.

The Boot Camps will include lectures, demonstrations and laboratory exercises plus employability skills testing and observations.

The following Boot Camps are being offered:

Electrical Wiring J-Standard Certification Boot Camp

New Dates and Times to be Determined.

Electrical Wiring Professionals are in demand. This Boot Camp will help students be more successful with a J-Standard wiring certification, fabrication, inspection, repair techniques and certification of the excellent employability skills that make workers stand out as someone companies want to have on their teams. Check out our 2017 program to see what we covered.

Electrical Wiring Pre-Assessment

NIMS Manufacturing Boot Camp

New Dates and Times to be Determined.

The Aerospace and other Advanced Manufacturing Industries need workers with Manufacturing Skills!  

This Boot Camp will help students be more successful with interpretation of technical documentation, inspection techniques, shop safety practices, and CNC milling and turning operations.

Students can earn an industry-recognized certification of their skills to assure our industry partners that they are ready for hire. The boot camp will consist of lectures, demonstrations, laboratory exercises, and employability skills testing and observations. Check out our past 2017 program.

NIMS Pre-Assessment

Other Upcoming Boot Camps

  • Precision Assembly
  • Sheet Metal
  • Industrial Automation

Steps to Enroll in Boot Camps

  1. You must take a pre-assessment test (if applicable)
    1. Select the Boot Camp on this website and then click on its pre-assessment test. Your test will be graded and staff will email you the results.

    2. Contact Cesar Becerra at and 480-461-7216 and request a pre-assessment test and when completed  the results will be emailed to you.
  2. If you pass the pre-assessment test showing readiness, you are eligible to enroll in the Boot Camp earning 4 college credits
  3. If your score on the pre-assessment test reflects the need for more skills training, you can enroll in a one-semester program earning 8 credit hours to attain the certification.