Architecture & Construction

Architecture & Construction

The sharp, geometrical lines of a well drawn plan, driving that last screw into a section of drywall, making restorations or repairs.  Whether you work on the design and layout, the physical building, or the inspection of the structure, you like buildings.  The programs and degrees in the Architecture and Construction Cluster will prepare you for a career in designing, building, or inspection structures; you just have to decide which specific program or degree would suit your particular interests the best.

Programs in this Career Pathway


Degrees & Certificates for this Career Pathway

Degree / Certificate Title Course Sequence
Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Construction Management Course Sequence
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Computer Aided Drafting Course Sequence

There are additional degrees and certificates that we offer in this career pathway that do not have course sequences yet. Information about these degrees and certificates can be found below.

Degree / Certificate Title Course List
Certificate of Completion (CCL) Building Inspection Course List