Textbooks & Reserves

Looking for your textbook?

The MCC Library Reserves Collection. This collection includes textbooks and other course materials supplied by instructors. Most often, these materials are for Library-use only depending on what the course instructor has designated. You can scan or make copies of pages you need within the limits that Copyright permits.

  • On campus? Come the Library Circulation Desk. You can also search the Southern and Dobson Reserves Collection or the Red Mountain Reserves Collection by Course Name, Course ID, or Instructor Name.
  • Can't get to campus? Complete this form to have a PDF doc emailed to you. Please note:
    • Please limit your requests to the minimum number of pages necessary;
    • The Library can only provide a maximum of three chapters or 60 pages due to copyright restrictions;
    • All materials will be provided electronically in a PDF file;
    • We strive to fulfill requests within 72 business hours;
    • We will try but cannot guarantee our ability to meet every request.

For immediate assistance, or if you need materials beyond what the Library can provide, please contact your course instructor.

Question about MCC Bookstore Rentals?

Please call the MCC Bookstore 480-461-7225 or them at mesa@bkstr.com.

About Copyright

Any materials reproduced and emailed or provided to students are subject to copyright. (See "What Students Should Know about Copyright," MCCCD.) Although the law allows for limited copying and sharing of copyrighted works, students must not download, copy, or re-transmit any materials obtained through the Mesa Community College Libraries beyond what is required for the student's academic work in connection with a MCC course. Any other use would likely constitute a violation of copyright law.