Deaf/Hard of Hearing

What is it?

  • Inability to hear
  • Having reduced or deficient hearing
  • Occurs any time during one's life
  • Does not affect intelligence
  • Does not affect the mechanics of producing sounds
  • Speech impairments may be present

Warning signs

  • Inappropriate responses
  • Speaking with an unusually loud/soft voice
  • Not hearing when someone speaks from behind
  • Appearing to attend but not actively participating
  • Asking for repeats often
  • Responding with smiles and nods but no further comments

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Myths

  • Deaf and/or hard of hearing individuals cannot drive
    • Most own and operate their own vehicles
  • Hearing aids completely correct hearing loss
    • Hearing aids improve hearing for some individuals
  • Deaf individuals do not know/understand the English language
    • Many were educated with hearing students and know English well; others learned English as their second language
  • Deaf people are mute
    • Some are self conscious and do not use their voice
  • Deaf people can read lips
    • Not all deaf people lip-read; only about 25% of speech is visible on the lips