Learning Disabilities

The following academic tips should assist you in working with students who have learning disabilities (LD) in post-secondary education.

Academic Tips

  • Provide a well managed, structured environment

  • Present information auditorally, visually, and kinesthetically

  • Suggest recording of lectures to supplement note taking

  • Suggest recording meetings outside of class to improve memory retention

  • Provide copies of instructor notes or PowerPoint presentations

  • Decrease the amount of classroom distractions

  • Create a step-by-step plan that breaks writing assignments into small tasks

  • Create a list of keywords when organizing writing projects

  • Provide clear, constructive feedback

  • Explain strengths and weaknesses of homework

  • Give verbal reminders of assignments and test dates

  • Suggest dropping a class or two if academic load is too heavy

  • Preferential seating can make these students more comfortable

  • Be tolerant of frequent visits, questions, and concerns

  • Recommend assistive technology hardware and/or software

  • Recommend a reduced course load