Languages Taught

Courses in ten different languages are offered

  • American Sign Language (SLG)
  • Arabic (ARB)
  • Chinese (CHI)
  • French (FRE)
  • German (GER)
  • Italian (ITA)
  • Japanese (JPN)
  • Navajo (NAV)
  • Russian (RUS)
  • Spanish (SPA)

Notes: If you have previous knowledge of Spanish or French, placement testing is available for free in the World Languages Lab (AS 110).  (Photo ID is required.)

Internet & Hybrid Classes

Are you ready for an Internet or hybrid class? Visit the MCC Online website to test your readiness. Registered internet students click here to complete your online orientation.

The Conversation Track

Emphasizes the speaking and listening skills. It is for tourists and those desiring minimal conversational ability only. Some of these courses are related to specific areas of employment, such as Spanish for Health Personnel. Course 115 has no prerequisite.

  • 115 Beginning Conversation I
  • 116 Beginning Conversation II
  • 117 Healthcare Settings (Spanish Only)
  • 119 Educational Settings (Spanish Only).

The Foundation Track

Courses prepare students for courses above the 200-level at any university. The courses 101, 102, 201, 202 are university equivalent. This track is also for those desiring a balanced program. The four skills are included (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

  • 101 Elementary Level I
  • 102 Elementary Level II
  • 201 Intermediate Level I
  • 202 Intermediate Level II