Flute Events

Flute Events 2020 - 2021

Mesa Community College has a vibrant flute community with a variety of events and experiences for all levels of flute players.

Flute Regional Etude Master Classes - Live/Online January 9, 2021

Masterclasses held in an online format on January 9, 2021at 10:00 am. The event will include classes on each of the three AMEA Regional Audition Etudes for flute designed to improve results on audition day. Students will have an opportunity to volunteer to play as part of the class. The instructors are some of the valley's top professionals. An optional piccolo etude class and mock auditions are also offered following the masterclasses. Approximately 70% of participants in the past have been selected for their Regional Band or Orchestra.

Desert Echoes Flute Project Flute Choir Concerts

The DEF flute choir program welcomes all adult and young adult flutists who enjoy creating music together in the increasingly popular setting of a flute choir or flute orchestra. The ensembles are currently live/online and presenting video performance projects. Concerts are presented throughout the year and tickets are available through PurplePass. To find concert dates and information click here. Many selections from the concerts, as well as the video projects, have been uploaded to the DEF Project YouTube channel.

Summer Flute Project

A week-long flute camp experience that brings renowned guest artists and local artist faculty together with flutists to learn and play in a stimulating and supportive environment on campus. The program includes the AZ FluteFest Day and the SFP Ensembles perform as part of the festival.

AZ FluteFest

A day of multiple performances, master classes, presentations, topic classes, and an opportunity to meet with top flute makers and exhibitors to learn about and trial their beautiful instruments. The event concludes with an evening concert featuring this year's guest artist, the renowned Sarah Jackson from the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

All-Arizona Flute Choir

This is an "All-State" type ensemble available to high school flutists in Arizona who made their AMEA Regional Band or Orchestra or were designated an alternate. The flute choir meets for an intensive day and a half of rehearsals and sectionals with three outstanding flutist-conductors at the end of May each year preparing a full-length concert that includes the opportunity to play low flutes. Several alto and bass flutes are available to use courtesy of the MCC Music Department and professional colleagues. the All-Arizona Flute Choir is planning live/online rehearsal meetings and a video performance project for May/June 2021.