Assessment of Current Skills and Review

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Some students recognize that they have gaps in their mathematics and would like to improve their skills and understanding. ALEKS offers several Learning Modules for purchase ($19.95 per month) that are aligned with the course you wish to take and can be helpful even after you completed one course and plan to take another. The Learning Module begins by assessing what you currently know and provides a list of topics that you are ready to learn. It then presents those topics and explanations to you, allowing you to work problems until you have demonstrated mastery.

Math Placement Review Suggestions

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Because of the cumulative nature of mathematics, current knowledge of prerequisite skills and concepts greatly increases your opportunity for success in math courses. Our goal is to help you succeed the first time that you enroll in a math course and assessment of what you currently know is a very important part of helping you succeed.

We also understand that while you might have successfully completed a particular math course, some of the necessary skills and concepts might be a bit rusty. An organized review before taking the math placement test will not only help us determine the best placement for you, but it will help you be ready to learn the new concepts when you do enroll in the math course.

Study Guides for Placement Tests