Deans of Instruction

The Deans of Instruction provide leadership and support for academic programs which create an inclusive and vibrant learning community where everyone is supported to achieve success. The primary roles of this office include supervision and coordination of:

  • Strategic planning for academic programs
  • Curriculum development, course scheduling and staffing
  • Program review and evaluation
  • Student learning outcome assessment process
  • Development and administration of program budgets
  • Workforce development programs and initiatives to include Carl Perkins and other grant funding

The Deans of Instruction provide operational oversight of academic programs college wide, strengthen relationships with high school, university, and community partners, mentor and evaluate faculty, address issues of academic misconduct, as well as, respond to student issues, such as instructional grievances.

Deans of Instruction

Carol Achs, Dean of Mathematics, Sciences, and Exercise Science

Mary Boyce, Dean of Health Sciences

Dr. Leanna Hall, Interim Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Michael Voss, Dean of Applied Sciences & Technology, Business, and CIS