Deans of Instruction

Contact Office of the Deans of Instruction

Southern & Dobson Campus

Building: KSC 35N
P: 480-461-7145   F: 480-844-3164

Oversee all academic departments, support the evaluation and improvement of instruction, and support students in the instructional grievance process.

Deans of Instruction

Carol Achs, Dean of Mathematics, Sciences, and Exercise Science

Mary Boyce, Dean of Health Sciences

Dr. Francis Canedo, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Michael Voss, Dean of Applied Sciences & Technology, Business, CIS, and Justice Studies

Department Faculty & Staff Contact

Delia "Dee" T. Vital

Administrative Specialist Sr


480-461-7145 (alternate)

480-844-3161 (fax)

KSC 35N - Room: 213

Joy Bickham

Academic Affairs Administrative Coordinator


480-844-3164 (fax)

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