Real Estate Broker

Do You Want to be a Registered Real Estate Broker in Arizona?

Complete the following 5 steps to achieve your goal:

Required Application Documentation

  • Original Broker Application & Fee
  • Original AZ State Exam Score Reports
  • Proof of Legal Presence (front & back)
  • Original Broker Verification (Form LI-226)
  • Pre-licensure Education Certificate
  • Disciplinary Actions Disclosure(Form LI-214/244)
  • DPS Issued AZ Fingerprint Card
  • Sever as a salesperson & Fee (Form LI-202) or sever online for free
  • Hire as a Designated Broker & Fee (Form LI-201)
  • Hire as an Associate Broker & Fee (Form LI-202) or hire online for a reduced fee
  • Broker Management Clinic Certificate
  • Disclosure Documentation (if applicable)
  1. Complete the Required Education Coursework
    To get your Arizona license you must be 18 years of age and have 3 years of actual experience as a licensed real estate agent or broker within the past 5 years. You must complete 90 hours of education that consists of 2 classes. Each course is 45 hours. You must also attend the Review R-I and R-II, which is part of the 90 hours of education.
  2. Get a Fingerprint Clearance Card
    All students are required to obtain a fingerprint clearance card as part of the Real Estate licensing process. Review the State of Arizona Fingerprint Card information in the box to the right.
  3. Schedule your License Exam
    The Arizona Department of Real Estate uses Pearson Vue as their testing provider. Contact Pearson Vue at to schedule the state and national examination.
  4. Complete the Broker Management Clinic
    All students are required to attend before activating a Broker’s license.
  5. Submit Your Application
    Apply for your license with the Arizona Department of Real Estate at