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Andrew M. Hamilton, MBA

Residential Faculty - Accounting, Business
Program Director - Accounting
Office: BP 43A - Room: 55
P. 480-461-7872

Approximately 80 percent of the companies in America are small to medium in size and only a handful are large corporations. There is a demand for qualified bookkeepers and tax preparers for these small to medium companies and companies want to cut their costs by hiring 2-year degreed candidates over Bachelors and CPA's.

AAS in Accountancy

MCC has an Associate in Applied Science degree in Accountancy. In two years or less, you could step into an in-demand position with a salary of approximately $24,000 to $60,000, depending on experience and size of company. Also, with the associate’s degree, basic coursework is completed to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the field and if you choose, work toward becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

To find out more about the AAS in Accountancy and any of the pathways, including the new EA pathway, contact Accounting Supervisor Andrew Hamilton at