Keys/Access Control & Panic Devices

Control of Locking Devices

Request a Key

Before requesting a key please read the:

Request a Panic Button

  • The office of MCC College Police will be responsible for the control of key and card access. This includes the issuing of keys, card access, key issuance record keeping and lock change authorizations.
  • Under the authority of MCC College Police the MCC Key Shop will cut keys, change locks and maintain the lock systems components.
  • No individual may use personal locking devices, nor may locks be changed, without the approval of the Director of MCC College Police. Unauthorized locking devices will be removed. Any damage to property will be the responsibility of the department and/or individual found in violation.
  • Keys to MCC owned cabinets, lockers, desks, drawers, etc. are not covered under this policy. Maintenance and Operations are responsible for issuing keys for cabinets, desks and file cabinets. Media Services will be responsible for media cabinet keys and locks attached to media devices. The issuance, control and recovery of these keys shall be the responsibility of the Academic or Administrative Department Chair.

Key Request & Insurance Liability

Executive Officers, Deans, Department Chairs or their specific designees are the only personnel authorized to make requests for keys, card access or lock changes within their departments. All authorized personnel should carefully consider requests before making a formal request. This will help insure the safety of our students, staff, facilities and property.

Request a Panic Button

To request a panic button, fill out the electronic form and forward the form to your immediate supervisor for approval. Once the form is approved, it will be routed to the Police Department for review. An officer will contact you and assess the area where the panic button will be located. After the assessment is made and it is determined a panic button is suitable, arrangements for installation will be made.