Soccer Coach Has Family History at MCC

It only seems natural that Mesa Community College alumnus Brian Ronan is back where he started his college career, only this time in a teaching/coaching capacity. After all, there was a bit of family history calling when he came upon the opportunity to be assistant soccer coach at MCC.

Brian, his father, his two brothers and his godfather all attended MCC at one time or another. His godfather, Bernie, is now Associate Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs of the Maricopa Community Colleges.

Brian attended MCC from 2000-01, a graduate fresh out of Mountain View High School in Mesa.

“I played soccer at Mountain View and at that time, MCC had the best team in the Valley,” Brian said.  “It seemed like a natural progression to attend MCC.”

He took general studies classes and then transferred to Grand Canyon University on an academic scholarship that was earned from his grades at MCC.  Brian completed a degree in political science and philosophy at Grand Canyon.

Today he shares his knowledge and love of soccer with the men’s and women’s soccer teams at MCC.

“I love being back at MCC,” Brian said.  “I have really fond memories of my two years at MCC. To be able to come back has been an awesome experience.”

In addition to coaching at MCC, Brian is also head soccer coach for the girls’ varsity team at Mountain View High School and a financial officer at University of Phoenix.

Working three jobs keeps him busy, but Brian uses the skills he learned in soccer to keep up with it all. Brian said sports skills carry over to all parts of life.

“It’s good for young people to be involved in soccer,” Brian said. “They learn that your attitude and effort leads to successful outcomes.  If you stay focused, you develop invaluable habits.”

Brian’s goal is to someday run a major soccer program at a community college or university.

In the meantime, he can be found on the field, passing his love of the sport on to his students and keeping the family tradition alive.

“I enjoy the family history that’s attached to MCC and I’m proud to be here,” Brian said.