The Rental Process

Is your organization interested in hosting an event at one of our venues with Mesa Community College?

Let's get started.

  1. Start the process by filling out the rental application to give us a general idea of event your needs.
  2. Once a courtesy hold has been placed, we will contact you to go over your specific event needs.
    1. The courtesy hold will be in placed for 14 days without a signed contract and deposit.
    2. (Further information can be found in our Rental Rules).
  3. We will schedule a walk through tour of the requested venue to insure that the venue will meet the event needs.
    • During the tour, we will also go over detailed items; technical requirements*, box office use, dance floor, etc., to help make your event successful.
    • We will provide you with an estimate of charges.
    • If the estimate is accepted, a rental contract** will be prepared.
    • If there are items you wish to utilize on the day of the event, but were not included in the contract, MCC District will invoice for those additional charges.
  4. Rental contract will be sent and will need to be returned with a signature. A deposit is required upon receipt of the signed rental contract.
  5. A final payment must be received 5 days prior to the day of the event.
  6. If your plans are to use the MCC box office and ticketing services, a ticketing form will need to be completed and returned. Submit the form to
  7. A certificate of insurance will be required to use any MCC venue. TULIP is a program offered by MCCCD to assist venue renters to purchase low cost general liability insurance for specific events held at MCCCD venues and facilities. More information can be found here.

Mesa Community College arts facilities require a 4 hour minimum rental. Food, beverage and other custom services are available. For venue tours, additional details and contract specifics, contact;

Performing Arts Operations
Building ST 28
P: 480-461-7301

*Most rentals require more technical assistance and equipment than is included in our base rental fee. We must review your technical requirements in the area of lighting, sound, etc., to determine whether we can accommodate your event and estimate your total cost for the use of the facility. The base rental fee is intended primarily to cover minimum operating expenses.

**Rental contracts are written within the guidelines of Maricopa County Community College District and its entities.